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Since 1908, a group of believers (originally from the University Mound Presbyterian Church in the Portola District) gathered and organized St. James Presbyterian Church. Through the ruins and loss of life from the 1906 Great Earthquake, they rekindled their faith, love, and hope in Jesus Christ who was and continues to be full of grace and mercy at such difficult times.

Through decades of demographic and generational changes and now coming off the Covid pandemic of 2020, a small congregation of mostly Filipino families continues to this day persevering as a church just like the group did in 1908. After two years without a pastor, forced to shutdown by the pandemic, and mostly foregone as a Presbyterian church in Visitacion Valley, August 15, 2021 marked the re-opening of in-person Sunday worship and the revitalization of their faith, love, and hope in Jesus Christ.

Today, the leaders and congregation of St. James are gradually renewing their shared vision and passion of becoming a revitalized, fully functioning, and missionally active church in the neighborhood of Visitacion Valley and beyond.

We thank you for visiting our website and look forward to see you make St. James PC your spiritual home. May you find it a worthy life goal for you and your family to join this journey of faith, love, and hope in our Merciful and Faithful Savior Jesus.

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